Fresh water fishes of north Gujarat

H.G. Acharya

This is a list of fishes collected in onen season in 1936 from the Sabarmati River and one or two tanks neighbouring Ahmedabad. These specimens were originally to form part of an extensive collection from all sources around this city, but owing to unavoidable circumstances, the work was indefinitely postponed.

The fishes collected by the author, together with some other from Prof. J. J. Asana of the Gujarat Collecge, were submitted to Dr. S. L. Hora who very kindly identified and named them. Each of the species mentioned has got a separate Gujrati name, but due to conflicting nomenclature prevalent here, it is thought advisable not to include the vernacular synonyms in the present note. In a future note, it is intended to give these, thogether with new material; also an attempt will be made to give a short decription of the several fishing places which provide for the Ahmedabad market and information on the economic side of the Fishing Industry in this part of the Presidency.

The present collection has been handed over to the Gujarat Natural History Society for their museum.

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23. Ophicephalus punctatus Bloch .

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Acknowledgement and Source(s)

These passages were originally published under the above title in: The journal of the Bombay Natural History Society . Vol. 40, no. 4, pp 772 - 773, 1938.

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