Reports on a collection of Batrachia, Reptiles and Fish from Nepal and the Western Himalayas

C. Tate Regan

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  1. Introductory note
  2. Fishes

Introductory note

The speeimens from Nepal recorded in these Reports were collected by Mr. R. Hodgart on behalf of the Indian Museum, which is much indebted to Major J. Manners-Smith, V.C., C.I.E., Resident in Nepal, for the assistance given. The specimens from Kumaon were collected at the same season as those from Nepal (in September and October, 1906) by myself, while those from the Simla district were obtained by a native collector and myself in April and May, 1907. The Nepalese localities mentioned are, for the most part, not to be found on any map. They are situated either in the neighbourhood of Katmandu, the eapital of the state; in the Little Nepal Valley, which lies between that in which the capital is situated and the outermost range of hills; or in the Terai or sub-Himalayan plain. Only one or two specimens come from the last district, the majority being from the first. The specimens from Kumaon represent only two localities, Bhim Tal and Naini Tal, situated respectively at 4.500 and 6.400 feet ; while the Reptiles and Batrachia from the Simla district were caught, within fifty miles of the town, between 5.0000 and 9.000 feet, mostly at 5.000 and at 8.000 feet.- N. Annandale.


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The fishes sent by Dr. N. Annandale have been referred to seven species, one of which is new to science.

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7. Ophiocephalus punctatus, Bl. , Bhim Tal (lake), Pharping and Katmandu.


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