Notes on freshwater fishes of Formosa, with descriptions of new genera and species

Masamitsu Oshima

Since the publication of my paper entitled «Contributions to the study of the Fresh Water Fishes of the Island of Formosa» (Ann. -Carn. Mus., 1919, pp. 169-328), many new fresh water fishes have been obtained from Formosa. Moreover, as a result of extended, collections made by myself during the year 1918-1919, several species formerly considered very rare have been secured in abundance from the type-localities, or from other places on the island.

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The numbers in parenthesis, following the localities refer to. the number of specimens examined.

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49. Ophicephalus tadianus Jordan & Evermann.1

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1 Ophiocephalus tadianus is a synonym for Channa maculata (Lacepède, 1802) . []. Back

Acknowledgement and Source(s)

These passages were originally published under the above title in: Proceedings of the Academy of Natural History, Philadelphia . Vol. 72, pp. 120-188, 1920.

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