Fishes collected in the Phillipine Islands by Maj. Edgar A. Mearns, surgeon, U.S. Army

Barton W. Evermann
Alvin Seale

While stationed in the Philippines during 1904, Maj. Edgar A. Mearns, surgeon, U.S. Army, made a small collection of fishes, chiefly at Manila. The collection contains 17 specimens (representing 9 species) from Manila, 4 specimens (3 species) from Jolo, Sulu Archipelago, 2 specimens (1 species) from Siassi, Siassi Island, and 10 specimens (4 species) from Caldera Bay at Zamboanga, Mindanao Island; the total number of species being 17, represented by 33 specimens. The collection, though small, is of interest in that it contains three new species and that no specimens had been previously obtained from Jolo, Siassi, or Zamboanga. The types of the new species and a series of specimens of all the other species are deposited in the U.S. National Museum.

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Family Ophicephalidae

5. Ophicephalus striatus Bloch

Head 3 in length; depth 5.50; eye 8 in head; snout 5.35; interorbital 4.10; D. 40; A. 26; scales 5-54-7; scales on head large.

Color in spirits, brown; belly yellowish white with a few scattered brown dots or spots, a brown line back from angle of mouth; fins brown, except ventrals and tip of pectoral, which are yellowish, with brown dots.

Two specimens from Siassi, Siassi Island; length 4 and 8.75 inches (Field Nos. 98 and 100).

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Acknowledgement and Source(s)

This text was originally published under the above title in: Proceedings of the United States National Museum . Vol. 31, pp. 505-512, 1907.

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