Notes on fishes in the Indian Museum. XXXII. On a small collection of fish from the upper Chindwin drainage

Sunder Lal Hora

At my request Mr. S. J. Duncan, Sub-Divisional Officer at Ukhrul, Manipur State, Assam, in the course of his tours made a small collection of fish for the Zoological Survey of India from the Upper Chindwin Drainage. As the area traversed by him is very close to the boundary between Assam and Burma, the material is of special interest for zoogeographical studies, and throws considerable light on the distribution of some of the species represented in the collection.

The material consists of 46 specimens which are referable to 12 species belonging to the families Cyprinidae, Cobitidae, Sisoridae and Ophicephalidae. These are listed below according to the localities from where the material was obtained.

[ ... ]

3. Upper reaches of the Namya river at Kongan Thana, a Kabo or Shan village. 28.1.1937.

[ ... ]

vii. Ophicephalus gachua Ham. 2 specimens.


Ophicephalus gachua Ham.

2 specimens. Namya river at Kongan Thana. 28.1.1937.

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