Notes on fishes in the Indian Museum. XXXIII. On a collection of fish from the Kumaon Himalayas

Sunder Lal Hora

In May-June 1936, Mr. E. O. Shebbeare, Chief Conservator of Forests, and Mr. M. P. Bhola, Divisional Forest Officer, Haldwani Division, made a small collection of fish for me in the outer Himalayan hills below Naini Tal. The fish were obtained from the Nandhaur and Kalaunia rivers; the former has its source in the Naini Tal District and flows over a bed of boulders. Within the hills its valley is narrow but broadens out in the plains. The fish were collected in the rocky portion of the stream. The Kalaunia river is similar to that of the Nandhaur river in its general physical features, but its source lies in the outer Himalayan hills of the Almora District. The fauna of the two streams is almost identical.

The entire collection comprises 207 specimens which belong to the following species.

[ ... ]


Ophicephalus gachua Ham. : 6 specimens.

[ ... ]

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