Contributions to the fauna of Yunnan based on collections made by Mr. J Coggin Brown, B. Sc., 1909 - 1910

B.L. Chaudhuri

Part II. Fishes

The fishes collected by Mr. J. Coggin Brown in Yunnan and its neighbourhood belong to the sub-orders Ostariophysi and Percesoces . Some of them are reported for the first time from the Province and fourd are believed to be new to science. For want of sufficient preserving fluid and bottles Mr. Coggin Brown had to put a large portion of his collection in local Chinese spirit in ill-fitting Chinese vases and pots, with the result that, notwithstanding all his care and trouble, a considerable number of the specimens arrived here in a condition unfit for identification. Nineteen different species have, however, been identified and are enumerated below, the report being supplemented with the descriptions of the four new species.

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Fam. Ophicephalidae

18. Ophiocephalus gachua, Ham. Buch.

Günther, Catal. iii, 471-72 . Hab . Tashuichai and Taku Fu Lakes, Yunnan; Bamo, Upper Burma. In some Bhamo specimens the ventral fins are not banded but immaculate and white. Reported for the first time from Yunnan.

19. Ophiocephalus punctatus, Bloch

Günther, Catal. iii, 469-70 . Hab . Tali Fu Lake, Yunnan. The ventral fins are irregularly banded. Reported for the first time from Yunnan.

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List of fishes already reported from the province of Yunnan and its immediate neighbourhood

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41. Ophicephalus argus, Cantor .

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