The Lula's Enemy and the Adventurous Squirrel

A.L. Hine-Haycock

I was out at Horana last week and noticed a black and white snake about two feet long and as thick as a man's thumb holding a lula in its mouth sideways by its back. The fish was about eight, inches long, and twice the thickness of the snake. It was bleeding freely where the snake had hold of it with widely distended jaws. I got the fish away and put it back in a part about 10 feet off, when it iminediately dived beneath the mud. The snake remained stationary, even refusing to move on being pushed with a stick, and seemed either exhausted or stupefied.

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Colombo, April 14, 1908

Acknowledgement and Source(s)

This article was published under the above title in: Spolia Zeylanica . V, pt. 19, 1908, pp 144.

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