Record of fishes obtained by David Starr Jordan in Japan 1922

David Starr Jordan
Carl Leavitt Hubbs

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  1. Introduction
  2. Ophicephalus argus


The senior author of this paper spent the months of October and November, 1922, in Japan on the occasion of a third visit to that country. In connection with educational work and soceial duties he found time to make the rounds of the fishmarkets in several cities, and with the helo of naturalist firiends was able largely to supplement his previous collections. These were the series collected in association with Professor Hohn Otterbein Snyder in 1900, and that obtained hy himself in 1911. The first of these collections has been described, group by group, in numerous papers in the Proceedings of the United States National Museum . The second was recorded by Jordan and Thompson (William Francis) in the Memoirs of the Canegie Museum, Vol. VI, Sept. 1914, pp. 205-313.

The present collection was delivered in California without charge through the continued courtesy of Mr. Sochiro Asano, Preseident of the Toyo Kisen Kaisha (Oriental Steamship Company), and his Assistant, Mr. Yoshio Yeto, ad former student of the senior author. To two former students, Dr. Toshiyasu Kuma of Tokyo and Henry Chamberlain of Los Angeles, we may also express out indebtedness for various helpful services.

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Descriptions of species, notes and habits, and references to synonymy, where accurately given by Jordan and Evermann or by Gilbert, are in general not repeated in the following paper. The student who is using the present list is preseumed to have the other two lists at hadn, and references to their pages are given throughout this list.

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Introduced species

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Family Ophicephalidae

194. [Extraterr.] Ophicephalus argus Cantor.

Specimens of this common Chinese fish were obtained by Professor Gee at Soo-Chow, China.

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Acknowledgement and Source(s)

This text was originally published under the above title in: Memoirs of the Carnegie Museum . Vol. 10., no.2, pp. 91 - 346, in the year 1922.

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