List of fishes collected in the river Pei-Ho, at Tien-Tsin, China, by Noah Fields Drake, with descriptions of seven new species

James Francis Abbott

The fishes comprising the collecton described in the following paper were obtained from the Pei-Ho River in 1898 by Dr. Noah Fields Drake, professor of geology in the Imperial University of Tien-Tsin, China, and by him presented to the zoological museum of the Leland Stanford Junior University. Specimens of the new species described in this paper have been deposited in the U.S. National Museum. [ ... ]

Family Ophiocephalidae

Ophiocephalus argus Cantor . Two specimens, l. 85 mm. Head 3 1/5, snout 5 1/2. Dorsal 47-48.

[ ... ]

Acknowledgement and Source(s)

This passage was originally published under the above titel 1901 in: Proceedings of the United States National Museum , vol. 23, pp.483-491.

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